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The following instructions are a guide to help you install your new Intake. Some basic tools will be required to do this job; these are screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, vice grips (locking pliers) and a socket set. The placement of the throttle body elbow is critical for hood clearance. If not installed correctly, the intake kit may touch the hood. CTA will not warrant any damage to the any pieces in the intake kit caused by improper installation.


First you will need to inspect that all the parts that came with the kit and that shipping did not damage anything, also this way you will become more familiar with the parts that you are about to install. To do this, you will not need an engineer’s degree, as long as you don’t rush the job and enjoy what you are doing.

Note the term, Air temperature sensor is going to be mention a few times. This is only regarding mid 99 and older vehicles.  From 99’s and up, the sensor is built in into the MAF.


Open main fuse box and remove fuses 4 and 11 (up to mid 99) or fuse 6 for late 99 and newer vehicles. The main fuse box is located beside the battery. This will reset the computer so that it will learn the new parameters after the installation is completed.


Unplug the MAF and the air temperature sensor electrical connectors as shown in Figure 1 (1998 Vehicle shown). Remove the IAT from the intake tube, if so equipped (Figure 1).

NOTE: The IAT is a screw in type 97 and older vehicles.


Remove the resonator and stock intake tube as shown in Figure 2.

If you have not already done so, remove the IAT from the intake tube, if so equipped (Figure 2.1). For pre 98 vehicles, unscrew the IAT from the intake tube. Using a pair of vice grips (locking pliers), remove the intake resonator hold down studs. These may be very tight and penetrating lubricant may need to be sprayed to assist in loosening the studs.





Remove fender boot as shown in Figure 3. You may choose to remove the remaining plastic fender inlet assembly.



All model year vehicles: Do not remove crankcase breather hose. Disconnect the end of the hose that was attached to the stock intake tube. (Figure 4)



Remove MAF from the stock air box by releasing holding clamps, if so equipped. (Figure 5)


Install the supplied aluminum bracket near the driver's side fender. The MAF will fasten to one of the upper 2 holes using the fasteners provided in the kit. (Figure 6)


REVISION: Bend the supplied bracket to allow attachment of the hoop of the bracket to either the filter gear clamp (Figure 6A and 6B) or the MAF gear clamp (shown in Figure 8). Bottom of support bracket must still connect to position shown in Figure 6.







Install throttle body elbow and coupling assembly using the supplied clamps. Please note the angle of the elbow. If not installed in this manner, the elbow may touch the hood. (Figure 7)



Install supplied air filter to the inlet side of the MAF. Please note the orientation of the MAF as it has a specific inlet and outlet. The filter may require some stretching to fit over the MAF. Please note that this

may be a bit difficult but will fit as shown in Figure 8.



98 to 99 vehicles:  NOTE: Using a file, remove the rib that circles the sensor, as shown in Figure 9. This will allow the IAT to be pushed all the way into the intake pipe.  Insert the IAT in the intake tube, if so equipped. Apply a touch of grease to assist the IAT to slip into the intake grommet (Figure 9.1). Please note the proper positioning of the IAT as shown in Figure 9.


Pre 98 vehicles (Not shown):  Carefully, using the correct size wrench, thread the IAT into the hole provided. View from inside the intake tube, that there is no gaps and that the orientation of the IAT is correct. The sensing tip should be in the air stream with the plastic supports in the vertical position.





Assemble the remaining portion of the intake kit.

1. Attach a coupling to the throttle body elbow then insert the main intake tube. Secure using the supplied clamps but do not completely tighten.

2. Attach the remaining coupling and then the MAF using the supplied clamps.

3. Attach the MAF to the previously installed MAF support bracket. The support bracket may need to be slightly bent to accommodate the fitment in your vehicle. Snug all connections. Do not tighten completely until proper fitment has been established.

4. All model year vehicles: Insert the silicone hose, provided with the kit, into the existing hose that was removed from the stock intake tube (Figure 4). Then cut hose to length, and insert other end onto the port on the new intake tube (Figure 10.1). Please use the zip ties provided, if necessary, to secure the ends of the new hose.

5. Once proper fitment has been established, secure and tighten all clamps and fasteners. Do not over tighten clamps as this may tear the intake couplings.






NOTE: As mentioned previously, for 98 to 99 vehicles, use a file to remove the rib that circles the sensor (Figure 11). This will allow the IAT to be pushed all the way into the intake pipe.


Reinstall IAT and MAF electrical connectors.




  • Reinsert fuses 4 and 11 and close fuse box or fuse 6 (late 99 and newer models).

  • Check that all the tools are out of the way and make sure clearances are OK and that all fasteners are secured tightly.

  • Start up the car, wait a few seconds and rev the engine a few times.

  • Remove backing tape and place the supplied insulation (black foam) at the highest point, near or on the throttle body elbow.

  • Close hood so that insulation can adhere to the hood. If hood bounces back, readjust elbow until hood clearance is established.

  • Open hood and press insulation firmly to hood. This will ensure that the hood will not scratch the aluminum.

  • Take the car for a spin.

  • It may take a couple of hours for the car’s computer to really learn the new flow and to adjust for better performance.

  • After a test drive, check for clearance with the hood and make sure every thing is secure.

  • If engine light occurs then it might be that the intake popped out of the throttle body and just need to reset the computer by removing the negative connection for 5 min.

Complete intake system installed. Please note that the picture is of the prototype unit and the breather filter is no longer used.


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